Know the process to avoid surprises and misunderstandings!

These are the steps in painting process, and each has to be done with great care!
Cover and protect all furniture and valuable elements in the house. Take off everything of the walls and windows. Cover and wrap lamps and fans you have on the ceiling.
This is the most important step in painting process. Good preparation is half of the work. Patching the walls, sending for smooth color application and making it ready that once is done, looks like brand new house paint, not like repaint job.

Yes, sweet part. This is when magic start happening. When your space gets new life and new colors. We enjoy our work so you will enjoy your new environment.

Most painters just leave dirt in the house. When you work with true professionals, we leave your house spotless. It is like magic. No need to touch, do or clean anything. This is 5 star service and you will be proud referring us to all your friends and neighbours.

Make sure you know who is the person you’re letting into your house!

5 things you’ve better know about your painter before you hire him: